Dan Fyre is 15 years old and he guides teens and adults to acquire success in life. He already graduated high school and he founded the Success University 4 Young Adults.  

Dan Fyre realized at the age of 12 that the traditional education system won’t help him accomplish his goals in life and he looked for other options. The option came when he was 14 years old and he got accepted as the only minor at a conference with millionaires and very successful business people organized by JT Foxx.

Dan Fyre teaches young adults what regular schools are missing about success in life. He speaks on public stages about the formula of success in life and business, and how to leverage all opportunities young adults have so they can make money and live successful lives. 

His philosophy is simple: BUILDING THE FUTURE FOR SUCCESSFUL YOUNG ADULTS who find their purpose in life and unlock their true potential. 

He is not 16 years old yet… his journey continues.