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Guide Teenagers and Young Adults For Success in Life

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Get on track on your dream aesthetic body with this workout plan and info! Get access to detailed guides covering everything from foundational exercises to nutrition, all for you to get you sculpt that dream physique. In addition to helping you achieve your fitness goals, this workout plan translates to real improvements in your day-to-day life, so u dont have ” gym muscles” 💪


I’ve wasted 2 and a half years on my parent, AND I ONLY HAVE ONE NOT 2.  So don’t do what I did. LEARN to deal with em and train them so you can get along with them (cause you don’t have them forever) and so you can still live your life without regrets.

How to Make Money Online (Actually Works)

Boys there is ALOT of make money online stuff, and its so overwhelming you think its all a scam at this point. But I can tell you from first-hand experience THIS works: Becoming a appointment setter. This is the first thing I ever made money on. And with my own coach Duno Clenor teaching you for free on YT. You can take actionable steps to make money TOO.

How to Find Your Purpose in Life

Boys if you don’t understand your purpose/visions/goals. You are susceptible to stuff from p*rn, scrolling on social media and excessive gaming, this includes falling into cycles of procrastination and a lack of motivation. Every morning you SHOULD HAVE a FIRE in your mind. To get up and get to WORK for your aspirations. If you aren’t like this then you DON’T have a clear vision of yourself or your goals.